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Avid fans of Whitney Houston will instantly recognize the opening frame of director Kasi Lemmons and writer Anthony McCarten’s Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody. It shows Houston (played by Naomi Ackie) from behind, dressed in a black velvet turtleneck with a shimmering cape-like cape and a hood, preparing to begin. her performance at the 1994 American Music Awards. Known today as “The Impossible Concerto” (she sang a mix of show tunes such as “I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going” and the hit song “I Have Nothing” for more than 10 minutes), that is the defining moment in the 30s of the female singer. -year career. The outfit just emphasizes her indelible performance and talent. She is a star, throughout. Immediately after this scene, viewers are transported back to 1983. Houston meets Robyn Crawford, played by Nafessa Williams, who will become Houston’s lover, then assistant and creative director. The setting takes the liberty of letting the couple run into each other in their neighborhood just before Houston’s big break, and sets the tone for what’s to come. (They actually met as mentors at a summer camp.) The late icon’s accolades include six Grammy Awards, two Emmy Awards, and 16 Billboard Awards. But as these humanistic scenes play out, this isn’t a movie primarily about pop star Whitney Houston. This is a movie about Whitney Houston, the human.

ArKansas men's basketball anthony black caricature shirt

Charlese Antoinette, the costume designer behind the project, explains that this distinction is one of the most important points to convey. The talent behind the costumes in Judas and the Black Messiah, Somebody, Antoinette has experience bringing real people to life on screen. However, retelling the singer’s story on film has its own set of complications, especially in terms of capturing Houston’s most crude, little-known form, whom loved ones call Nippy . “I watched a documentary about [Whitney] being Whitney Houston on stage and Nippy at home,” says Antoinette. So I really tried to show that in the costume. Below, Antoinette guides Vogue through several of Ackie’s looks, as they visually chart Houston’s rise to the top before her untimely death.

ArKansas men's basketball anthony black caricature s Hoodie

“Doing @donsaladino’s workout routine for months now,” Lively captioned alongside two almost identical snaps of Saladino, minus the baby bump in the second photo of course. . “Something is not working.” Saladino, who has worked with the likes of Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and, of course, Ryan Reynolds, shared the snap on his own social media, adding that the results are “guaranteed.” — tag Reynolds for good measure. Jokes aside, physical activity like walking benefits both mother and baby during pregnancy, helping to improve heart and lung health along with overall mood and health. Moderate to high-intensity workouts (like those favored by Saladino), however, if she’s dedicated to those who are used to the aforementioned levels of fitness, all follow doctor’s decision. Given that Lively is a fitness buff — both before and after having a baby — we’d say her routine is working well.

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