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I should add that while I adhered to the entire meal plan during the week, I took some liberties on the weekend. I still had Friday night cocktails at that trendy Lower East side restaurant and a hot dog at a Saturday afternoon barbecue. (Shared meals are the cornerstone of my social life, and I didn’t want to forgo them.) Sakara, who counts around 95 percent of its clientele as omnivores, stresses that it is “less about what you omit and more about what you include.” It also views its new Systems as a structured starting point that will lead to long-term changes—where, yes, cocktail and hot dog indulgences are always allowed. That I agree with. Now halfway through the program, I’m intrigued about altering my diet afterward to reflect a more gut-health-focused one. Which, says Duboise, is precisely the point of all of their systems, whether it’s your microbes or your metabolism: “That’s what the 30 days are for—to reset that foundation.”

I’m So Good Santa Came Twice Shirt Inappropriate Christmas T-Shirt

Each October, as spooky season looms, makeup artists brace themselves to bust out their kits, flex their skills, and push their creativity to the max with their best Halloween makeup products. A pop icon. A gothic vampire. A cinematic villainess. You name it, they’ve got the tools and techniques to make it happen—not to mention, the authority on the must-have paints and pigments to bring a fully-realized makeup look to life. From graphic rainbow palettes to freakishly real-looking fake blood, here pro artists reveal the best Halloween makeup products to help you transform this year.

I’m So Good Santa Came Twice Shirt Inappropriate Christmas T-Shirt Hoodie

“Halloween is all about transformation and, in my opinion, super fun makeup that you wouldn’t typically wear every day. For color, I love the Color Fix line by Danessa Myricks Beauty. I use these mostly for eye makeup, but they are designed for all over the face use, including lips. These are ultra long-wearing and incredibly vibrant. I apply them with regular makeup brushes and find that various sizes of flat concealer brushes work particularly well. The best way to remove these paints from your face would be with a cleansing balm, Banila Co’s cult-favorite Clean it Zero cleansing balm is great, and I’d suggest a good old-fashioned makeup brush cleaner, like Cinema Secrets, to clean your makeup brushes.”

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