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While a Le Creuset kettle may seem like a traditional registry choice, for Taylor, it was inspired by a personal connection. “I fell in love with green tea while visiting my brother when he lived in Japan,” she says. “I registered for the kettle to begin making more of it at home.” Similarly, “for our wedding, my mother gifted me white linen napkins with my initials embroidered on them in white. They are gorgeous, feminine, and classic, and these placemats from Los Encajeros will be the perfect pair to complement them.” For future brides, Taylor only has two words of advice: “Go timeless.” All products featured on Vogue are independently selected. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. The prices on this page were accurate as of the date of publication and are subject to change.

Official eat Shit Pitt Tennessee Vs Pittsburgh 2022 Shirt

The Vogue Wedding Registry is a place to discover the items most coveted by brides around the world—and to inspire your own wish list. “While it’s easy to get carried away with your fantasy when planning a wedding,” says Elle McPherson-Yoon, who wed Angus Tweedie last fall in a romantic, intimate ceremony held in the Scottish Highlands, “it’s important to be honest about your needs and your lifestyle when building a registry.” After spending three years together long-distance (the bride based in Toronto and the groom in London), the couple had to prepare for Elle’s imminent move to England, which also meant living together for the first time. “We were starting from scratch!” Elle remarks. Her husband’s only request? “Anything Le Creuset”—practical and a “classic,” she says. While Elle and Angus are both looking forward to hosting dinner parties when the time is right, Elle cautions brides not fall into the tradition of registering for a formal dining set if they’re not the entertaining type: The “60-piece dinnerware set isn’t about to change that,” she says. Instead, she recommends “focusing your energy on items that will work for you.” The bride looked toward timeless homeware that also had a personal, sentimental touch, as found in a set of Gien’s Pont aux Choux dinner plates. “My grandmother used this iconic design in her home. These dinner plates, and their accompanying set, are now a comforting presence in ours.”

Official eat Shit Pitt Tennessee Vs Pittsburgh 2022 Shirt hodie-white

“I love bright whites, gold hardware, and clean lines—probably something quite minimal, but with lived-in qualities: old paintings, soft pillows, and things passed down through generations and brought home from different trips,” the bride notes. Naturally, she looked for guidance from her mother when putting together her registry. “I wanted her expertise when it came to what lasts and what she has treasured most in her kitchen and homes,” explains Taylor. This idea of a generational connection rings true throughout the registry. “I grew up with Bernardaud Naxos dinnerware, so they remind me of home. I’m excited that our future kids will grow up with them too,” she says. A set of Royal Limoges dinner plates were an easy complementary addition. Says Taylor: “Gray fits all seasons and I loved their gold trim. I only wear gold jewelry and prefer gold knobs and hardware. They just fit.” Upgraded glassware was equally important, but here she opted for a more maximalist character to complement the classic decor pieces. “My husband and I currently drink everything out of beer glasses with New York sports teams on them and neither of us are New York sports fans, so I cannot wait to receive these Macchia su Macchia glasses,” she says.

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