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Photo: Courtesy of HBOTanya’s impeccable vacation style this season, which is costume-designed by Alex Bovaird, begins from the moment she steps off the boat in the first episode. She first wears a floral, long-sleeve day dress by Dolce & Gabbana, complete with a pink Valentino bag and huge Versace shades. The piles of luggage she arrives with suggest that she has many more looks to come. Later in the episode, she heads to dinner with her husband wearing a ruffled, leopard-and-floral dress (also by Dolce & Gabbana) with big, poofy sleeves—making her instantly the best-dressed guest at the hotel. As her husband Greg becomes increasingly cold and distant on their trip, Tanya even begins using her extravagant fashion choices as a means to pull him closer. In their hotel room in episode one, she sexily saunters over to him wearing a black slip dress with a billowy sheer robe and silver heels—her hair in a perfectly-tousled messy bun. In last night’s episode, she also hits the breakfast buffet in a leopard-print dress that’s perfectly cinched at the waist, finished with long, sheer cape sleeves. We may only be two episodes in, but Tanya’s over-the-top getaway attire is already a scene-stealer. Coupled with Coolidge’s impeccable comedic timing? Just give her the Emmy already. Again.

Baby Yoda and baby stitch kroger logo shirt

If you caught last night’s episode of The White Lotus, you’ll know that Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge) had quite the wild ride—literally. In the second season of the hit HBO series, a new cast of characters have descended upon the White Lotus resort in Sicily, Italy. Well, new except for Tanya, who we met last season. In this episode, Tanya and her husband, Greg (Jon Gries), rent a Vespa to take in the sights—twisting-and-turning along a windy road, when a bug suddenly flies directly into Tanya’s mouth while riding in the backseat. “It’s fluttering around in there!” she screams, while having an extremely comical cough attack. Their tumultuous Vespa ride may be far from a glamorous affair, but the ensemble Tanya wears—a printed silk day dress, with a matching babushka scarf and huge sunglasses—is extremely fabulous. “I’m Monica Vitti,” she quips of her summery ensemble. Forget Sicily’s Greek Theatre of Taormina: Tanya’s Sicilian wardrobe is one of this season’s best sights to behold. Her old-money budget—which pays for a wardrobe of luxury Italian designer labels—is what fashion dreams are made of.

Baby Yoda and baby stitch kroger logo s hoodie

In New York and beyond, this month and next yield many wonderful things for the art enthusiasts among us to see. Beginning with the beyond, a new show opening on the West Coast offers a worthy reevaluation of the midcentury art scene, while some blockbuster East Coast events (Alex Katz, Edward Hopper) are already bringing in crowds. Long before Big Tech moved into San Francisco, a small group of painters established their own fledgling aesthetic movement there in the 1950s, now known as Bay Area Figuration. From that fertile ground sprang Joan Brown (1938–1990), the bewitching subject of a major retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, on view from November 19, 2022, to March 12, 2023.

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