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Beach House’s trajectory feels radical mostly because they’ve never tried to be radical. Over eight albums, the band has released, like clockwork, a new record every two or three years, gently evolving their Cocteau Twins–meets–Mazzy Star brand of shoegaze-y dream pop in subtle, sophisticated increments along the way—never reinventing the wheel, but always spinning it in a new direction. And with Once Twice Melody, released in four “chapters” throughout the winter of 2021 and 2022, the Baltimore-based duo presented their most sweeping, widescreen vision yet. A Beach House album feels less like something you actively listen to and more something to give yourself over to—and getting swept along the current of Once Twice Melody as each chapter unfolded was one of this year’s greatest sonic pleasures, its reverb-drenched beauty feeling like a summation of everything that makes them so brilliant. —L. H.

Official philadelphia eagles it’s a philly thing T-shirt

Renaissance was more than a great Beyoncé album. It was also a cultural bellwether that signaled it was time for all of us to dance together again…for real this time. There is a strong through line of jubilation and rejoicing across the album—perfect for our post-Trump, post-COVID, post-everything landscape—with lyrics such as “I feel like falling in love” and “Just vibe / Voting out 45, don’t get out of line” being sung over groovy ballroom party-ready beats. What makes Renaissance the album of the year for me is not how much I have enjoyed it, but how much others have too. TikTok is littered with creative and astonishingly high-concept, high-production dances to songs from the album. (There’s also this very hilarious edit.) Since its release in July, I’ve heard the album pop up everywhere in day-to-day life. It was a mainstay during NYFW affairs. Cars in Brooklyn blast “Break My Soul” out of their open windows. A friend spent a whole conversation shouting the memorable “Alien Superstar” refrain, “Unique!,” at me. And at a recent Quentin Tarantino–themed apartment party, a group of girls propped a phone against a wall and recorded a dance to “Cuff It” for TikTok, full of joy. The album is not only a masterpiece of creativity but also a sparker of it. Renaissance certainly lives up to its name. —André-Naquian Wheeler, fashion news writer

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If Big Thief’s more recent albums have been self-contained mini-masterpieces, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You is exactly the sort of sprawling (20 songs!), no-boundaries pastiche of experimentalism that pushes the band farther in every direction than it’s been before. (With a title like that, could it be anything else?) For best effect: Repeat often. —Corey Seymour, senior editor Few songwriters better capture the head-rush of falling in love better than Carly Rae Jepsen—I dare you to find a more emotionally succinct lyric than “Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad.” Proving that “Call Me Maybe” was no viral fluke, Jepsen has continued to make some of the hookiest pop records of the past decade. Her sixth studio album, The Loneliest Time, doubles down on the bubblegum pleasures of Jepsen’s best-known hits while diving headfirst into the more melancholic shades of love and lust. “Surrender My Heart” is an ascendant pop record about Jepsen’s desire to let her guard down (“I paid to toughen up in therapy / She said to me, ‘Soften up’”), while the title track is a disco ballad dedicated to a lover that she knows isn’t good for her. Like all of the best dance music, there’s an undercurrent of sadness laced throughout The Loneliest Time that makes it linger. —Keaton Bell

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