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Finally, some wanted to lower inflammation and lose weight without exposing themselves to psychologically harmful diet language and habits. “It should really be about nourishing because so often, it can be about doing the opposite and taking away. It affects our psyche,” says Duboise. So, along with a council composed of doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and psychiatrists (such as Dr. Shebani Seth, the founding director of the Stanford University School of Medicine’s Metabolic Psychiatry Program), they developed four new Sakara Systems to address each outlined issue.

Santa Paws Is Coming To Town Cute Dog Merry Christmas T-Shirt

Today, Sakara is taking its mission even further by helping us not only eat better, but do so according to our individual needs. After years of discussion with their clients, Tingle and her cofounder Danielle Duboise, discovered that people were interested in Sakara for their overall health. However, many also had specific secondary reasons. Some were interested in veganism’s link to better physical and mental productivity (notable athletes such as Lewis Hamilton and Novak Djokovic, for example, credit plant-based eating to better performance under pressure.) After years of damaging yo-yo dieting, others wanted help reseting their metabolism. Meanwhile, there was a newfound fascination with gut health and how it affects your whole body, from your heart to your skin. Eating too many animal products and sweets can negatively affect it. “Research has shown that a traditional Western diet—heavy on fat, sugar, and animal meat—creates a toxic environment for healthy microbes and can even change the proportion of different types of bacteria inside your body,” writes the Harvard School of Health.

Santa Paws Is Coming To Town Cute Dog Merry Christmas T-Shirt Hoodie

There’s Performance, meant to elevate your mental and physical acuity. (It replenishes and prevents burnout, says Tingle.) Then, the Metabolism Reset is designed to increase energy levels. (“I used the metabolism system postpartum, at about six to nine months postpartum, to really help me get that rev back,” Tingle adds.) Finally, Gut Health Reboot aims to foster a healthy gut microbiome and relieve gastrointestinal symptoms, whereas the Fresh Start Cleanse eases inflammation and weight management. Each comes with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a variety of probiotics, teas, powders, snacks, and juices. Users can do them for seven, 30, or 60 days. The price point is high: The week-long program starts at $460.

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