Yoda Lucky One St Patricks day shirt

This seems to be the attitude of so many people now, only concerned about themselves Happened to my mate at the Puzzle in Fulham. We asked the large South African bouncer if it was about the trainers or the fact my mate was a tall black guy with dreadlocks. He assured us it was just the trainers. So my mate crossed the road to his house for shoes and I went in bought beers and waited for his return watching carefully. No police were called despite the obvious racism.

It’s meant to be a temporary ring so you can then go together to choose the real deal. I’m sat here thinking of all those happy loved up infant and junior some senior kids are right now with that special ring in their hands, to be honest I’d love one too I was always told by my parents are grandparents an engagement ring should cost 1-month wages so roundabout 1600 anything less than that it’s not good enough So annoying…once again the media perpetuates the myth that money equals love rather than applauding people for living within their means
I think it’s a fab idea. Jewelry is very personal and I wouldn’t want someone choosing a ring for me. I think I’d rather my partner waited until they could afford the real thing Think I’d be a bit miffed if my partner gave me a £1 engagement ring.

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