Michelle Caruso-Cabrera represents a breed of democrat politicians that are soon going to be extinct and irrelevant. We need radicalism to fight the right which is getting bolder and bolder each year not moderation or incrementalist approaches which has failed us and our communities. Being “moderate” is what brought us disasters like Trump.Nidhin Mathew nonsense go away. AOC is a radical leftist and is NOT the majority in MY Democratic Party. Ya know the more time goes on, the more I have to agree with you.Nidhin Mathew not very bright are ya? Radicals dont last long Now what would we do to survive?  Wasn’t Michelle Caruso-Cabrera actually a hard right Republican in disguise? This is one of the stranger things I’ve seen in politics. I’m no fan of AOC so I wished the voters would be fooled but clearly they were not. lol.  MCC has only been a Democrat for a year. She can go back to Trump headquarters and cry maybe she should be in that case.

Last 2 rounds yell gave us Clinton and now Biden. One makes people disappear and the other likes to kiss on little children lol.SIRIUS XM, please remove ALL music with the N WORD on HIP HOP NATION, SHADE 45, THE HEAT, and XM FLY immediately. The racist music should be banned forever. Any artist that won a Grammy or music award should apologize and melt the award down.I don’t think many fools  know how this bartender got started . She literally answered a casting call for an actress to portray a politician and after thousands applied for the role … she won . The people that voted for this fraud are completely clueless . The amount of stupidity is mind blowing .  yes she was, and I read it was Pelosi who wanted her to run and pushed for it..nit sure how true but it’s what I read. wow. That would be crazy. It’s kind of believable though. Clearly this is established as AOC’s district now. No more B.S. woah woah woah.  AOC earned her spot and was an activist prior to her grassroots political campaign.  Unlike a washed up reality star portraying a President who bought his way in with cronies contributions.


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