We need a progressive, because we aren’t getting anywhere. never she will never be elected because if elected she will destroy this country and turn it into Venezuela, she’s a far left socialist for crying out loud , do you want to live in a socialist country ? waiting  There’s other socialists like countries that aren’t Venezuela. Look into Germany. Socialist is a really scary term, but I promise you she’s for the working class. She’s going after  the top 1%<br><br>AOC is a brand name for progressive new ideas. Good, that she can go on with her political agenda. her ideas arent new. Look at Cuba and Venezuela.  Those are her ideas. NY IS DOOMED. Oh wait the rest of the country has to deal with her ignorance! have you looked at England, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, India? Try looking at successful democratic socialized countries and not the two that are literally failing because their dictatorship government that has stolen every thing.

But then again you Trump butt lickers don’t want to see that because it doesn’t fit your narrativeI’m disappointed…I have nothing against her, but the democrats and republicans have gone too far in their opposite corners and moderates are being left behind by both parties. It would be nice to see moderate Republicans and moderate democrats get into office… yes, but I’m willing to settle for people willing to speak to one another and find common ground rather than screaming at each other…but either would work lol not really sure what you mean by that. Are you saying I’m wrong about the parties going too far into opposite corners? Am I wrong to want more moderates? Are you being sarcastic-it’s rather difficult to tell what you’re trying to communicate… its the establishment thats controlling the races and avoiding doing basic things to unite the country and it the right totally taking everything she does out of context. if you watch her at length, you’ll see how sharp and fair she is absolutely not but if that’s what you wanna think, fine. I’m not on here to argue, just state an opinion that neither side is addressing those in the middle. They’re too busy screaming at each other and demonizing each other to listen since when? Where he stands on issues isn’t good enough for you.


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