The virus is still wreaking havoc and that’s being reported.  Smart people know the virus is equal opportunity and that ANY ONE of us can get it.  I think that’s enough information to make wise choices regarding the virus, if you choose to stay informed.Some of these governors, mayors & judges need to read the constitution & stop acting like slave masters & dictators.This is the land of the free & the home of the brave. We live in the United States of America, not communist China.Joyce Ayala, the Medical Deep-States models about deaths – WRONG! Their models about the spread of the virus – WRONG!  CDC – contradicting itself at every turn. WHO – promoting Chinese propaganda! Deaths from everything being attributed to COVID-19, and the numbers being padded. I am paying attention. How about you? what have they been wrong about? The 100-200k deaths? We’re at 120k deaths so they weren’t wrong about that.CNN reported in October 2016 that Obama and Biden had lowest race relations of any presidency including Ferguson or did you forget your own reporting? Biden has done nothing his whole careerI know, what kind of Democracy do we have in America when the citizens can think for themselves? Its a travesty! Next the people will want to vote.


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