Mitch and that she only makes excuses for corruption, cruelty and criminality in their new attack ad against her. I’m here for ALL of that and more! And all y’all democrats can’t lie anymore the fisa reports are out Obama and Biden the most crooked ever in the white house hands down and it all fact I there words thats y they threatened a judge not to unseal because they knew there crooks That’s ok, millions left the Democrat party in 2016 to vote Trump. African Americans are waking up to how Democrats have been using/playing them in every election for 60 years, immigrants are seeing that Democrats are doing nothing on immigration reform, only showboating in the house just like yesterday’s idiocy. Law enforcement have turned their backs on them. First responders see how Democrats hold no value in what they do. Law abiding citizens are watching their cities, businesses trashed while Nadler and his clueless goods call what they’re suffering thru just a rumor. Democrats releasing violent criminals back into society to prey on more victims. What a disaster the Democrat party has turned into. Its obviously NOT the “breaking point” for our Democratic leadership in Washington — why are they silent?? more importantly why are they silent during this pandemic, the country is on edge and rightfully so…do something please!


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