I’d like to point out that had we wanted to quarantine sick people. So that healthy people could go about business as usual. It would have required taking thisPew Pew Madafakas Crazy Chick Shirt seriously. testing capabilities back in January. So that we could identify cases, isolate them, and trace their contacts. We are in this position now precisely. Because no one took testing seriously. Also most of the people. Who wants “freedom” or better-said scream freedom refuse to wear protection. So “caging” the sick is not going to work. If the healthy refuse to take measures to stop the virus from spreading.

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The place where I live starts obligatory quarantine tonight (for at least a week). 80% of the city where I live (the capital city of Chile) will be under quarantine starting from tonight. And I have yet to read a comment on social media screaming about freedom or something. In Italy, we’ve been in the obligatoryPew Pew Madafakas Crazy Chick Shirt since the start of March. been a bit better though. Healthcare professionals all over the country were worried after the first reports out of China. Flashbacks to SARS and how much worse that could have been without proper testing and quarantine procedures. Now here we are.

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I wanted to share something with you. My father in law is a super hard republican, and he asked me, “So what if we tested , then what would we do? How would thatPew Pew Madafakas Crazy Chick Shirt us really?” To which I responded: “then we could be sure who has the virus. And the correct people could quarantine, thus reducing the rate of spreading”. I think there was and still is this attitude that the republicans have that the virus isn’t a big deal. And it makes sense! It’s a bunch of billionaires who want the economy to pick back up so they look good around election time, and plus it would make their administration look less incompetent.
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