For once in my life, it was being in the right place at the right time in New York City. And the outer boroughs had dozens of rock clubs as well as New Jersey. Then you Seton Hall radio was putting on benefitOfficial The Black Crowes Europe 2020 Tour Shirt. Where we got exposed to . And had an instant following and for some stupid reason, we became the biggest drawing band in the area. Then we will always ask to open up for the Nationals. Because we would pretty much be a guarantee of a good crowd. This was right at the time when Seattle was. Still Underground and believe it or not Soundgarden opened up for us at Lemoore in Brooklyn oh.

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And we were doing the Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy ” cuz we wanted them to a headline. Cuz they were one of our favoriteOfficial The Black Crowes Europe 2020 Tour Shirt… But they put a good word in for us and we wind up getting a deal so it was a win-win. My Era of WSOU! Used to love going to shows as a kid at that time. And eventually playing some of those places myself. What band? My favorite drummer was Eric Ferro from TT Quick…. And there’s a misconception about him because his cool style wasn’t based on John Bonham it was based on that New Orleans Groove. Led Zeppelin” Presence” was recorded in New Orleans.

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And John Bonham used to go see the same drummer. That Eric grew up watching.., a guy named ZIGABOO. That man influenced Bonham’s whole flavor on that record. And thisOfficial The Black Crowes Europe 2020 Tour Shirt was backed up by Reinhold Mack. Who was the engineer on that album because he produced Law. And Order the second album and told tons of Zeppelin stories and he kept going on about how bottom love. That New and it influenced him very much. I remember being 14 and having my mother drive me to the club LOL Kenny Dubman from Prophet/ Edgar Cayce had a phony ID and his mom went to every show he was still in high school.
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