Sure, why not? The age difference isn’t much but, it’d be best. So if u wait another year to make ur relationship official cuz then you’ll be you know, a legal adult. And ppl wouldn’t frown as much. It’s domestic terrorism. They’re basically threatening murder against an elected official cuz apparently threatening to kill someone who isn’t an official isn’t already bad enough. They should be arrested and at least cited, if not charged. While I respect the other answers here, there’s one phrase you must know, Mustaine Wrote ’Em All. It doesn’t really matter if he didn’t actually compose theOfficial Cuz I wrote ’em shirt. Because he did more than that. Here’s a quick recap. Lars Ulrich was a trust-funder and his parents basically gave him a bunch of money to find a hobby.

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At the peak of theOfficial Cuz I wrote ’em shirt’ success they didn’t impress me much. I thought their songs were not much more than jingles and wrote ’em off. That’s my first thought when I get negative comments. But then I look at what the comment actually says and double check what I wrote. Perhaps they have a point. If they do, I’ll acknowledge it and maybe alter my answer. You know, he may not be in the same headspace when he wrote the song some 30 or 40 years ago, he’s gone through some changes, he’s aged, he’s had some experiences and doesn’t think or feel the same way he did when he wrote the song, he has a different perspective, so he rewrites it. But I won’t cover the top officials cuz my memory is weak on the ethnic division between them.

Official Cuz I wrote ’em shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top, Sweatshirt

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Tank Top

I’ll assume Han did earn certain seats on the top as I recall. You can also google to check if I’m right or wrong. I personally don’t think Ryujin should be official center, cuz she’s never center until theOfficial Cuz I wrote ’em shirt break and the very end of the song. She gets screentime  and doesn’t get many lines either. Officially, it would be ‘first cousin, once removed’.  The ‘once removed’ part indicates that they’re one generation away from you.  I’m accusing her of things she might not do, but i have a face right In front of my inner eye right now. Somebody who only tried it with forged love letters. Well not forged, she wrote em but ofc they were full of shit and i was the laughingstock of the school.

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