Nice Greta Thunberg Donald Trump Shirt

What an amazing mum and daughter, so empowering and wise to support growing girls in this way when they are not represented in mainstream media – perhaps other magazines will be inspired to represent people of color in their pages more frequently. although I praise them for doing this I have to ask is this just another comic which only features part of society, which would make it as racist as the comics it has been made to oppose or does it properly represent all young girls? Just a thought Getting worse instead of better this skin color we are all human if you can’t see past skin color then you have a problem. Wow, that’s awesome. I would definitely be buying it for my little one. First, it was Barbie now this. So lovely and inspiring! I grew up feeling ugly due to my skin tone, it’s amazing to realize how the world is changing Imagine getting angry at a young girl who is trying to represent POC, and make them feel beautiful considering mainstream media repeatedly fails to do so. Oh, look, its progressive social engineering o’clock at the BBC already. Imagine my shock. If that had been given the name cocoa girl by a white person there would have been a massive outcry. Just saying! This is segregation. We are all the same. No need for this magazine.
So let’s put black people in all the magazines and spaces where white people dominant. We’ll give white people the representation and space that black people currently take up. As we are all equal, all the same, and definitely not privileged enough to see ourselves represented in a number of roles, it won’t cause an issue at all, will it?


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