Should I Join the military as a Corpsman in the navy, or a rifler in the marines?.  I love theLove My Corpsman shirt training and skills the marines get but love helping people. Do Corpsman get trained as well as marines. Or should I join as a rifler for the marines. What you CAN do is become a Corpsman, then do your FMF training. Grew up as an Army Brat and come from a long line of military service. I didn’t join, but my stepson carries on the proud tradition as a Navy Corpsman. There is a huge fundamental diference between a Navy Corpsman and Army medic. So If you haven’t figured it out based on their titles, it is due to the fact that Corpsman are Sailors.

Love My Corpsman shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top, Sweatshirt

Love My Corpsman Sweatshirt

The biggest reason everyone loves their doc is that they know that guy will run to your aid in a hailstorm of bullets. And have done soLove My Corpsman shirt history. With that out of the way. Navy Corpsman are treated like the red headed bastard step child in the Marine Corps. Navy Corpsman attached to Marine units are called the Green side while the regular corpsman are considered the blue side. Our corpsman was very proud, as he should be, in going the same difficulties. There are two flavors of Corpsman. Blue and Green we will call them. Blue Corpsman is on a ship, submarine, or a Naval Hospital. Green Corpsman is with a Marine unit or Navy Seabees.

Love My Corpsman Hoodie

Love My Corpsman shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top, Sweatshirt

Love My Corpsman Tank Top
Tank Top

love my Marine Brothers and Sister and after spending. So much time with them in theLove My Corpsman shirt and in the bars. I happen to be one. I’m currently a corpsman, and I love my job. Pessimism isn’t a disease or disorder. But you just have a darker viewpoint. Corpsman may not go through Marine boot camp, but their Field Med School is pretty intense. I had many long conversations with the Chief Corpsman of the last grunt unit I was with. He loved being with the Marines because, among other things, they took better care of their Corpsman. Originally I was a Corpsman with the marines I wanted to be a nurse once I got out. I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world. I loved my time with the Marines.
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