Yes all Star Wars should fail and rots should win if it has to be this way. But without rots we will not accept any victory we need emperor Palpatine. And master skywalker to kill all the younglings. Then cut someFight Like A Girl Awareness Skull Princess Shirt. And throw them from a skyscraper and summon our clones. The bots to kill the soldiers of marvel (rotten tomatoes council). Anyone notice the OT movies vote totals are around a million. And ROTS is over 30 fucking million, what a joke. 26 million now. The 3 others don’t even have 1 million. Luckily we will still have 3-star wars films. R.I.P ROTS.

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If we keep this up, it’s very possible there will be a vote count for rots vs dark knight. That equals more than half in their presidential election. Maybe this will be a good example to use. So people can understand why online voting for real elections is aFight Like A Girl Awareness Skull Princess Shirt. I would hope that any country setting op Online-voting in an election would know enough about IT that you wouldn’t be able to vote several times by just opening the vote in an incognito-tab. It’s literally useless to vote in the ROTS vs TDKR poll, it’s being botted like fucking crazy on both sides, I think it’s on 15 million votes or something by now.

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All we can do now is cross our fingers and pray. Keep voting on the others though. Because they don’t seem to be as botted. Visit I will, the cloners at rotten tomatoes. And see this army they have created for theFight Like A Girl Awareness Skull Princess Shirt. Legit question. that as well. If they bot us, it only makes sense if we retaliate in the same manner. Idk but you can vote over. And over again using incognito window right before it closes at 1 am est. Yeah as much as I admire the dedication there I don’t think manual incognito voting is gonna offset a difference of, by my count, 6 million votes… Given how quickly the number of votes is going up I wonder if bots are being used.
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