I’m talking about the kebab truck on theBeautiful Good Times Tan Lines Shirt road you didn’t mean to turn down, where even the staff wouldn’t eat the food sober. We’re actively taught not to let our cards out of sight, as you don’t know what they’re doing with it. Could be copying it, or charging anything to it. Once I turned up at spoons before 9 am trying to get some breakfast. Big line outside. The door opens and I’m the only one to get food.  It is in no way an exaggeration to say that the drinking habits of the average Brit, were I to display them here in Canada, would have my and family staging an intervention. A lot of Canadians like to think of themselves as hard drinkers but holy fuck we don’t have anything on the British.

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It’s a legacy throwback to post-WWII when houses used to have a cold water tank that feeds the hot water tank, and is counted as non-potable water, and separate taps prevent backwash of non-potable into the potable water supply. One particular incident was when her phone stoppedBeautiful Good Times Tan Lines Shirt. After she finished work, she rushed into town and went to the Apple shop to get it repaired. Thing is she arrived minutes before closing and was shocked when the staff told her she’d have to come back the next day. She came back to the flat really pissed off and said that in the States the employees would have late because she was a paying customer.

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I’m Australian and find it weird that Christmas is a huge day for TV ratings. Series often have Christmas special that is a really big deal, and evening soap operas have big events. Which soap gets the highest ratings is a big deal. Even though it is warmer here. In the Beautiful Good Times Tan Lines Shirt. We are usually inside and sometimes do retire to the living room. At my family events, we might watch a Christmas movie or maybe something funny. We’d never dream of watching a soap or a TV drama. Also, Christmas is huge in the northern hemisphere loads more decorations in the streets. The late toy show, all the build-up, etc. So when I travel in there are always these chubby girls dressed in spandex club dresses and covered in purple makeup. They’re British.
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