It was super embarrassing because each seat hadAmerican Grown with Mexican Roots Shirt and you could choose from a wide variety of what to watch so it’s not like the whole plane was watching it. The person sitting next to me just kept staring but I couldn’t control myself! I feel like Bridesmaids would have been an fantastic movie if it hadn’t involved the whole food poisoning scene. This way it’s just really good. The scene where the detective was using the binoculars trying to see Cameron Diaz topless and it shifts to the old lady had me in physical tears for a good 10 minutes. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t move.

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I could have done without the musical numbers but theAmerican Grown with Mexican Roots Shirt of it was like nearly a 9/10. My personal problem is that they left the original series just hanging, without conclusion, and when it came back it was silly nonsense. Every joke from kicking open the outhouse to the closing credits. I was just in the mood to laugh. I about fell out of my seat when he started fighting all the guards in the castle wrestling ring. Scrat is literally the only reason I’ve watched them all. The might suck but the part in them is always hilarious. Scrat is actually invincible, he goes through hell. Back for his acorn and he never gets a chance to eat it.

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I saw this in theaters and several small kids wereAmerican Grown with Mexican Roots Shirt so hard at the opening scene with Scrat that the whole theater started laughing too. Literally contagious laughter! The whole pacing of that scene was great, and that moment was such a huge payoff the way Melissa McCarthy’s was harassing him about being an undercover Air Marshal. The whole plane scene is hilarious TBH. As a fellow guy, I laughed out loud at the bigger friend with bragging about having like 6 puppies from the party. That is all I remember from the movie.
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