The rebellion that’s been happening is the people of HK. Who pushing back against the CCP slowly reclaiming HK. By imposing its political power over HK lawmakers. They don’t want to rejoin theAmerican Ben Drankin The Golden Girl Freedom Shirt. China looms as an inevitable force that will consume HK. up a stink about it not being a multi-cultural country. I have met many HK’ers that aren’t of Chinese heritage who claim the right to call themselves ‘Hong Kongers’. The way I see it and as I’ve repeated too many optimistic and idealist well-meaning Redditors that violence is the only way for HongKong. The CCP knows this. They are never backing down.

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Eventually, either Hongkong gives in or the cap will force them to. Hong Konger’s I know would rather die fighting than give in to China. Because living life under Beijing rule, to them, isn’t a life worth living anyway. Then when I say, “Oh wow yes, you’re totally right. So if that’s theAmerican Ben Drankin The Golden Girl Freedom Shirt and it’s not important, we should just let them country. Then as it’s no loss to China then is it?” Actually, the stupid thing is, HK would be more valuable to China the way it was before – foreign companies love to open up there, it was the connection point between China and the world, like a neural staging ground. It has more value to everyone if it stayed like the pseudo-independent state it was.

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This is all about control, propaganda, and fear. They cannot tolerate any free Chinese, for that is an example of freedom to all. No, all trace of potential liberty must be extinguished. Lest it gives the mainlanders someAmerican Ben Drankin The Golden Girl Freedom Shirt. This is what happens when dictatorships form. China was slowly becoming more liberal and free until Xi and took over as supreme leader. He now rules unchecked, and will soon make his moves on Taiwan. They will go to war, one way or another. It is not a matter of if, but when. If you believe that to be insanity and unlikely to happen… just remember that Mao was once considered a good leader.
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