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Hypothetically regardless of what one want’s NATO to do it does not make a good question simply because there is no reason for NATO to enter Ukraine without having been attacked by Russia first. Simply, NATO has already stated there is no reason for them to enter the Russian-Ukraine war as Ukraine is not a member of NATO nor has Russia directly attacked a NATO member. So for what reason would NATO want to enter Ukraine and push Russia back and back for what reason unless a NATO member nation has been directly attacked by Russia. Putin is well aware, even by now that were he to attack a NATO nation, then NATO would have cause and reason to not only defend the borders of NATO nations but also a reason to enter Ukraine to confront Russian forces already have difficulties and their problems would be more than compounded by the foolishness of attacking NATO.

However, there is a reason why NATO may not enter Ukraine, that being the fact that it would alarm Putin to the extent that for him to retain his power in Russia he must initiate an action of possible nuclear war. His reason would be the potential disaster of a total Russian failure and a need for him to make a measured action to prevent NATO from totally defeating the Russian military and that would be saber-rattling of an extreme measure. No such article is required, as it already exists: Article 4, which already empowers NATO to take proactive military action; this is in addition to Article 5, which is reactive to an attack on a member state. However, NATO has NO reason to do so. Why? Well, for the price of a ludicrously small contribution of weapons, training, and financial support, and without having to fire a single shot of its own:

NATO is now more unified, relevant, and focussed than ever even member countries like Bulgaria and Turkey that were often too ‘pally’ with Russia have wisely slotted back in line. Thanks, Putin & Russia! its GROWN in strength, both among existing members such as Germany increasing its defense spending, and gaining new members in Sweden and Finland – something Russia tried to bully, threaten and demonstrate against happening – but it happened anyway, against which Russia can and has done NOTHING. Thanks again, Putin & Russia! Rather than withdrawing NATO allied forces from eastern member border states as Putin was demanding, allied forces are now THREE TIMES stronger there and are now establishing permanent bases, barracks, and logistics facilities to maintain this considerably stronger force for the long term – Putin and Russia, NATO’s best benefactors!

NATO’s borders in Russia are now extended by over 800 miles, putting greater pressure on Putin’s ancient, creaking, underfunded security forces to defend this vastly longer border, while it doesn’t cost NATO one penny to do so as the additional forces of the new member states have been added to cover those extended borders! Putin & Russia, you are to NATO it’s Father Christmas and St Nicholas! NATO sits back as Russia’s armed forces are utterly humiliated and ridiculed the world over, losing men and irreplaceable material on a daily basis. We get to grind down and defeat Russia – without even FIGHTING Russia! Hilarious! How’s old Kaliningrad doing? Totally cut off from Russia’s main, all overland routes are now shut off to it, all exports to surrounding NATO states are canceled and Russia has to ship in every little thing it needs to survive, and its economy has ground to a halt!

Economically, Russia is slowly but surely winding down, with no hope of the sanctions being reversed or of its re-admittance to western economic and financial systems being permitted for a long, LONG time. A country with an economy that even before its crazy invasion was only the size of Italy’s faces years, faces now perhaps decades of shrinkage and economic misery. So like I said – NATO has Article 4, but without firing one bullet or losing one life, it gets to watch Russia helplessly bleed itself to death economically and militarily in a no-win war, so doesn’t even need it! Who knows? As far as I can see, most Dictators come to a sticky end. Bonito Mussolini ended up hanging upside down from a lamp post with his throat cut. Idi Amin spent the rest of his life living in exile, no longer powerful. Stalin on the other hand lasted the course. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Given the Germans first deployed hypersonic missiles in WWII (V2), then the fact that Moscow has worked for over 75 years to build and deploy these should not be a surprise. Given the West has technologies to knock out ICBM it remains to be seen if Putin’s attack missiles can evade all possible defensive systems. It is clear that if Putin can send over a million hypersonic missiles to attack Europe that he can defeat any defensive system. However, it should be noted that for the cost of each hypersonic missile Putin fires, the west can build and return fire with 60 subsonic missiles. Which Russia will not be able to counter.