EXCLUSIVE: MyBlend Personalized Skin Care Brand to Relaunch

MyBlend products


PARIS — With the upcoming relaunch of MyBlend, the luxury made-to-measure skin care brand first introduced in 2007, the aim is to build a second pillar next to the Clarins brand.

MyBlend is the brainchild of Olivier Courtin, group managing director of Groupe Clarins.

“Why are we relaunching MyBlend? Because, first of all, we believe in personalization. And personally, I believe also in peptides,” he explained.

Courtin said the original line was complicated, with lots of products, and did not garner great success among consumers since it was ahead of its time. They didn’t understand the concept of a made-to-measure skin care treatment lasting one month.

“We said ‘OK, we’ll start again with a blank page.’ We’ll keep personalization, the name and peptides, which for me are important for products’ efficacy because they really target skin’s biology to make it work normally. I wanted to make a line that’s much simpler.”

So the new MyBlend, due out starting May 16 in France, has a base product coming in two textures — a cream and a fluid, each for both day and night use — and booster serums that can be layered on according to skin’s needs.