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I am quite confident in just about 6 months the Republican majority in the House & Senate will force him, Harris & Pelosi ‘out of office’ for TREASON and crimes against humanity at the Southern Border, ETC! Count on it! The fact that Iran is getting nuclear weapons is not necessarily something as dramatic as that. It’s not going to change the world. Moreover, the risk seems to be greater in North Korea, whose dictator in power is totally insane and ready to do anything to show his muscles. In fact, it is Kim Jong-Un who multiplies his provocations by constantly testing missiles over Japan. Isn’t that right?

Dead And Company 2022 Summer Tour California Grateful Dead Shirt

I don’t think so. Iran wants nuclear weapons for defensive purposes in my view. One may not like the idea given the regime in place, but then one should have made sure to get back into the 2015 Vienna agreement that Trump unilaterally pulled America out of. By doing so, Trump definitely pushed Iran towards China and Russia, while the Iranians were coming back to the West by returning to the international monetary system with the deal validated by Obama in 2015. Iran is an ally of Russia, but given its geographical position, this will not change anything in the context of the war in Ukraine. Iran will provide drones to Russia, but this is more something symbolic to show that Putin is not isolated as the West claims than anything else. It is not Iranian drones that will change the fate of this war in Ukraine.

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Well, I think he had better take a step in that direction before the Republicans convene hearings to start investigating his son. Otherwise, it will look like a concession that Hunter was guilty of something, and the MAGA people will try to spin it as being morally equivalent to Trump’s attempt to overthrow the 2020 election result. I honestly don’t know what Hunter was up to, but there are plenty of other reasons why Biden should let someone younger with better leadership skills take the lead. He doesn’t need to formally step aside – all he needs to do is to give cover to Democrats who want to organize and make their case. Biden has done a decent job with NATO and Ukraine but if he can’t communicate with the American people, that good work will be wasted too.
He will keep pushing it. But Texas has already asked customers to cut back on electric usage because their solar won’t produce enough because it has been cloudy in the lone star state and the wind generators aren’t producing because the wind isn’t blowing. This is the America that Biden wants. The grid will not support the additions of thousands of charging stations that will be required.


Good question, I wish I could answer it, but I have not heard anything about this. Hope someone can. I am very interested in knowing as well. If it was Kamala, I would know the answer Everyone seems to hate working for her. An unpleasant person, and can’t speak without giving us word salad. Most embarrassing & unprofessional VP I have ever witnessed. this job is out of her depth, also becoming the most unliked person to hold the office of VP. Joe is also with his years of experience the worst President we have seen to date. Speaking personally, in 2020 I voted against the immorality of the other guy. To the extent that I wanted anything from Biden policy-wise, I wanted him to strengthen the guardrails that the former guy smashed. Biden has failed on that policy. In 2024 if Republicans nominate another guy who thinks shitting on Chicago is appropriate for an American president, I will vote against them too.