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Put yourself in your dog’s place and imagine what your training methods may be doing to cause his fears. There are many types of training techniques available. If the one you are using is not compatible with your dog’s personality/temperament then try other ones until you find the one that’s effective. You are mistaken. Prophylactic […]

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Von der Leyen & co, count your qui5ling days, because the clock is ticking for your treacherous 4sses, and you should go into retirement by yourselves before getting retired by enraged mobs of EU citizens impoverished beyond their tolerance threshold by your policies. And to finish, advice to my European union-mates: do not believe ANYTHING […]

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Biden is the President of the United States. He isn’t a rock star or playing in a Championship game. Democrats expect their politicians to represent their constituencies. These massive events where Republicans take turns lying to the people are how they dupe their constituencies. Notice that Republicans don’t have a platform other than to own […]

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assists — that’s someone who rejects whatever bullshitism the present administration wants to stick on humanity — this is soundly embraced internationally. One sees that Italy and Sweden just found a whole bunch of assists. The adherents reject all the hogwash that accompanies regimes like the present US one, i.e.: the endless preconceived notions (like […]

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Everyone has been talking about the strategic importance of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan. Unfortunately for Taiwan, its position made both PRC and US uncomfortable: From US’ perspective, if one day PRC took over Taiwan (forced or not), suddenly 70% of world high-end chip production is under control by PRC. They will treat Taiwan like […]

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Nor would Taiwan “counterattack” China in any meaningful way. China is simply far too big for any such attack to put any meaningful dent into China’s military or industrial capacity. The defense of Taiwan relies on denying China safe passage across the Taiwan Strait – attacking shipping and airplanes where they are most vulnerable, at […]

Selena Gomez Steps Out In Sexy Strapless Dress After SNL Hosting Gig

After her turn hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time, pop star Selena Gomez stepped out for the after party in a sexy, strapless black dress by Michael Stewart that emphasized her incredible figure with a torso-hugging bodice. The dress featured a thigh-high slit, framing Gomez’s legs and drawing attention to her silver heels. Gomez was smiling as […]

By The Numbers: Beauty Companies’ Media Impact Value Rankings

Lancôme has been an influencer fave thanks to collabs like this. Influencer voices drive performance in the beauty industry more substantially than in any other industry, per data from Launchmetrics. While media voices are the most significant drivers of brand performance in the luxury and fashion industries, influencers drive 46 percent of brand performance in […]

MAC Cosmetics Teams With Netflix for ‘Stranger Things’ Collection

MAC Cosmetics is continuing its partnership with Netflix by releasing a makeup collection inspired by “Stranger Things.” The line, which will be available starting Sunday, is heavily inspired by the show’s eerie plot lines and 1980s time period, with vibrant eyeshadow palettes, brushes, lip glosses and blushes that immerse consumers in the spirit of the […]

Ways to Shop and Support the AAPI Community

Photographed by Mikael Jansson, Vogue, August 2014 Anti-Asian violence continues to be an everyday reality for the Asian American Pacific Islander community. According to Stop AAPI Hate, there have been more than 10,000 reported cases of anti-Asian violence and harassment since the pandemic began. This represents only a sliver of reality as many hate crimes often go […]

Nordstrom’s New Game, CAA’s Latest Signing, a Fete for Farfetch

Runner Chris Focus in the Sports! campaign from Nordstrom. Nordstrom is getting sporty for its latest pop-up. The 17th iteration of the retailer’s Concepts @Nordstrom is a multibrand shop it’s calling Sports! The space features apparel, footwear and accessories for golf, tennis, running, training and cycling inspired by nostalgic sportswear. The mix will include exclusive capsules from […]

16 Stylist-Recommended Curling Irons for Effortless Curls and Waves

Photographed by Micaiah Carter, Vogue, May 2021. Of all the hair tools on the market, few are as polarizing as the curling iron. Choosing the best curling iron is just as important as learning how to use one properly—whether you’re creating subtle waves, tight coils, or flatiron curls. “What makes a great curling iron is heat-protecting […]

Shop Crush-Worthy Fruit Prints to Welcome the Summer Season

When it comes to summer essentials, nothing is as classic as a fruit print. Typically seen on a billowy blouse or cotton sundress, fruit prints instantly give off the irresistible feeling of transportation. That nostalgic warmth is usually linked to a magical trip or a vacation, bringing your memory to a simpler time and place. […]

Everpress Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month With T-shirt Campaign

Global apparel marketplace Everpress is celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a campaign featuring T-shirt designs by more than 60 AAPI creators from North America. The T-shirts, which are available throughout May, include designs by Lyanne Natividad, Bay Area artist Kristina Micotti, Toronto designer Ness Lee, Houston tattoo artist Pia Roque and […]

Ukrainian Model Tanya Ruban on Motherhood in Difficult Times

Tanya & Maya llevan total look de Prada. Martin lleva chaqueta de Prada y zapatillas de Nike.Fotografía: Anouk Nitsche / Dirección creativa y estilismo: Mater Navas Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine on February 24, the world has seen many images of women fiercely defending their homes, working as volunteers, joining civilian militias, or relocating their families […]

EXCLUSIVE: MyBlend Personalized Skin Care Brand to Relaunch

MyBlend products COURTESY OF MYBLEND PARIS — With the upcoming relaunch of MyBlend, the luxury made-to-measure skin care brand first introduced in 2007, the aim is to build a second pillar next to the Clarins brand. MyBlend is the brainchild of Olivier Courtin, group managing director of Groupe Clarins. “Why are we relaunching MyBlend? Because, first of all, […]

Last Week, the Best Dressed Stars Wanted Fashion Out of Left Field

Photo: Getty Images; BackGrid When in doubt, mix things up. Stars might have their fashion signatures and tried-and-true outfit formulas, but consistency will only take you so far. Change—be it a gradual progression or a complete 180—is what makes celebrity fashion interesting, after all. And this week, performers seemed intent on testing the waters. Surprisingly, […]

Leave It to Rihanna To Make PJs Super Stylish

Photo: Backgrid Throughout her pregnancy, Rihanna’s dinner outings have served as her own personal runway. Whether she’s heading to Nobu in vintage Dior, or to Giorgio Baldi in a feathered Saint Laurent minidress, the superstar always makes grabbing a bite look extra chic. There’s even a viral tweet going around joking that “Rihanna is going to end up going in labor […]

A Sumptuous Prequel to The Crown May Be On the Horizon

Photo: Alex Bailey/Netflix We’re still months away from the penultimate season of The Crown finally hitting Netflix, but showrunner Peter Morgan is already plotting a spin-off of the Emmy-winning drama. On April 8, Variety confirmed that Left Bank, the production company responsible for bringing the Windsors’ world to life, is currently discussing a prequel with […]

The Classic Fisherman Sandal Is the Perfect Spring-to-Summer Shoe

Photographed by Joshua Bright, Vogue, March 2014 “Whatever it is you wear,” Diana Vreeland said in the 1975 style guide Cheap Chic, “I think shoes are terribly important.” As winter gives way to spring, and we venture outside—ambling along the streets because, well, for the first time in ages we can, to put it simply, —the late Vogue editor’s adage rings truer […]