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There’s a soulful side to this island, if you know where to look. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself, as I did, all too happy to come back to Grace. “I landed on Margot,” baby name consultant Emily Kim tells me over Zoom. She’s revealing what she thinks I will name my baby girl, who does not exist. This is what Kim does, and is very good at. She makes baby name predictions on TikTok for her 200,000 followers, which involves going down the rabbit hole of an influencer’s Instagram and distilling their vibe into a name. For instance, when Kylie Jenner revealed that her baby boy would no longer be named Wolf, Kim meditated (although that’s not the right word, given Kim talks in an upbeat staccato) on the similarities between Stormi, Jenner’s first child, and Wolf. Common themes were nature; grays, purples, blues; endurance; strength; grandeur, to name a few. Based on that, Kim guessed a dozen or so names, including Noble, Orion, Arc, and Bronze. (Jenner has yet to announce the new name). Kim’s TikToks got so popular that people started to ask her to help them name their babies, and to read them as closely as she reads celebrities. Kim scours her clients’ social media, asks them for names they’ve given other children or pets, the names of their nieces and nephews (to avoid overlap), and names that they love but won’t be using. Then she comes up with a list that will hopefully inspire the parents and be immortalized in their offspring. Some clients tell her it’s like a psychic reading, and I find this accurate as she performs the experiment on me—which is how we got to Margot.

Goose the band summer tour 2022 shirt

Kim elaborates,“Not Margaret, but Margot ending with an O-T, because it kind of gives you classic old Margaret….the French, Margot, feels so fashion-forward. I feel like it’s covering all the elements of you.” Those elements include my, “fun juxtapositions of traditional fashion-y with outdoorsy, casual with fancier.” The celebrities and pop culture figures she associates with that description are Elizabeth James from The Parent Trap, Blake Lively, and Princess Diana. (A baby name reading with Kim is a specific form of flattery.) “It’s not on my list, but it is something I’ve considered,” I say, surprised at how close she got. I have my actual favorite baby name list—which I keep updated despite having no immediate plans for children—in front of me. Her other guesses included James for a boy or girl (on the list for a boy); Lucy (my ex’s preferred baby name); Reese for a girl (not on the list); Franklin (now on the list, thanks to my consultation); and Theodore (on the list). “I have a friend who has claimed it, though,” I say about Margot.

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Baby name consulting—which can run sometimes thousands of dollars for a personalized list—is not new, or at least not as new as you might think. The Wall Street Journal reported on the rise of baby name consultants and “the art of ‘branding’ your newborn” in 2007. The author cited the boom of baby naming books in the early 2000s, funky celebrity names like Apple Martin and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, and baby name websites as reasons why the subject had become a matter of stress and taste for parents-to-be—so much so that they’d be willing to pay money for a list of names from an impartial third party. The article was published five years after an early mommy blog aptly named TheMomBlog.com began, and it’s hard to imagine that the phenomenon of documenting your baby’s life online didn’t also add to the pressure around picking a name. Freakonomics’s famous chapter on the implications of baby names also likely didn’t help. The knowledge, in 2005, that Rachel and Andrew were more likely to have richer parents than Alyssa and Robert warped the stakes of naming.

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